Innovative Dunky Cup Exclusively Made For Cookie Lovers!

What do you remember most about your favorite childhood pastime. Well, mine was dunking cookies in milk that carried over to my adulthood. Yeah, even today I still do it. If you also love to do. Then idea of milk and cookies has something soothing about it. Cookies are dunked in milk, even better. This mug is made particularly for dunking cookies into milk and so it is ideal for you. It’s also known as the Innovative Dunky Cup. And it contains your cookies and it has a special spot to keep milk.
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The Innovative Dunky Cup is divided into 4 unique parts with a main milk compartment in the inside. And it is encompassed by 3 different compartments where for instant dunking you can set up to 3 biscuits. It fits with Oreos, and with different cookies of comparative size.

An incredible blessing thought for kids who love to dunk biscuits into milk. And this Dunky Cup also fits with different cookies, such as pretzels, rolls and much more. For the most ideal approach to snack ever, you can place a dipping sauce in the center.

The Dunky Cup is made of FDA-approved excessively substantial, sans bPA plastic. Accompanies a simple to-carry and is appropriate for microwaves and dishwasher (top rack). The cup estimates 3.2 inches tall x 5.4 inches long x 4.4 inches down and in the primary compartment can suit up to 8 oz of fluid.

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