Inflatable Hot Tub Solar Dome

Inflatable Hot Tub Solar Dome

In young age, the funniest part of having a hot tub is giving a dare to your friends to jump into a snowbank and then jump back into the hot tub. However you’re older now and just want to sit back and you want to keep your hobby alive. Let the hot bubbly water wash over you while you enjoy a glass of Masseto or a cold beer. You definitely don’t want to tackle with snow or rain bothering you while you try to relish and unwind. Thanks to this genius Inflatable Hot Tub Solar Dome, you can now enjoy your hot tub year round without needing to worry about the weather.

The dome is map out to go over the entire hot tub and rest on the ground. It comes with ropes, anchors and D-rings so you can put in it to the ground or a wooden deck, set the seal on it doesn’t glide in stormy night. You get easy access to your hot tub through the door in the dome, This dome provide barrier to the elements and it has ability to keep your costs lowered by consuming less heat and prevention from evaporation. You can consider it as your own outdoor spa room.

This Inflatable Hot Tub Solar Dome comes with a pump that can be used to blow up it. It doesn’t need a blower like other domes. However, it will need to introduce air into it once in a week.

What size does this inflatable hot tub solar dome come in?

While this inflatable hot tub Solar dome comes in four standard sizes – 8 ft diameter, 10 ft diameter, 12 ft diameter and 14 ft diameter. The maker can create custom sizes to fit any sizes hot tub. The standard dome color is clear and its transparency is low but this too can be customized with a solid color to create more privacy.

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