Inflatable Easel Lets Your Kids Paint Outdoors

Spending too much time on tv, games or mobiles may not be a good idea for kids. Encouraging them to play outdoors and engaging the for physical play out activities is the best thing. Such activities boost energy into young minds and fosters creativity.  Inflatable easel is among the creative things that the kids can have their attention to.

This lets them enjoy for creative drawings and paintings. The giant inflatable outdoor easel helps the kids to practice drawings and coloring. It also has a built-in inflatable tray that holds the paint. It is easy to setup, as it can be setup easily via standard air pump. It inflates up to 50 inches tall.
The canvas in the center is the painting area and it also includes four paint color and sponge paint brushes. The best part, you can simply use a hose to clean a hose and start a new one. The built-in tray allows to store brushes and paints. Just pour the paint right into the paint holder holes right in the tray for quick and easy access to the paint.

To keep the outdoor inflatable easel in the right position you need to fill the water in the base, which also prevents it from blowing away in the wind. The inflatable paint easel is best for kids aged 3 and above. Enjoy outdoor with kids, appreciate their drawing and creativity. It would be fun and learn session.

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