Rifle Gun Glass Set Holds Wine in the Classiest Way!

Wine-constructed glassware deserved to serve carefully chosen wines. Suitable glassware greatly enhances the wine enjoyment. If you’ve ever stopped and wondered what the most classic way to keep, and dispense your whisky from. It’s probably an incredible rifle gun glass set, for those who are supposed to love weapons. This extremely accurate rifle decanter comes with your bourbon or other favorite drink. It comes with a classy stand holding the gun decanter. Along with 4 glasses of wine, that are designed to stick a bullet out of them.
Baseball Wine Set

An incredible rifle gun glass set is completely hollow. Barring the magazine and the trigger. Enabling you to fill it to the tip with scotch, whisky, bourbon, champagne, vodka, or whatever you want. It will certainly identify your home bar, research, office, man-cave, hunting cabin, or wherever you want to position it on the given stand.

Boroscilicate glass produced this unique gun-formed wine/bourbon decanter. It accompanies a hard, and fast tip to the rifle, which holds the liquid inside in any event, whilst tipped on its side, just open the lid and empty your beverage into a glass just like the genuine shape of the weapon is conveying you.

The elegant glass rifle gun wine decanter measures 22.5 inches length x 8.5 inches when placed on the table. It can keeps as much as 33.8 oz of liquid, every bullet whisky glass can maintain up to 15 oz of liquid. Fashionable wood made the base of the rifle decanter, and it conveys the weapon decanter directly over the four glasses of the bullets.

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