Little Mermaid Boots with Water Globe Heels

Disney’s The Little Mermaid has it all! It has an ambitious princess. It’s got an evil sea witch, it’s got magic, treachery, and epic songs that ignite the imagination and it’s got a happy ending ever! If only a shoe had a way to capture all of the film’s magic… Wait a minute! These shoes tell the story of The Little Mermaid, a Disney Movie and if you like to stand out then these Little Mermaid wedge boots will be for you as you get all the attention you need. The boots are of Irregular Choice brand and are called Just Me & the Sea Boots.

We’ve seen the 70’s retro goldfish boots that put live fish in your boots, that died pretty much immediately on your first Hustle, yet right now we’re progressively civilized, and there’s actually no compelling reason to place live creatures in our boot heels. That aren’t really alive except if they’re fake creatures. The Little Mermaid snow globe boots are an ideal gift for your girl who adores The Little Mermaid, or actually any grown-up adult who’s only excessively into The Little Mermaid and has thus been evaded from society.

Such delightfully delicious shoes come from Disney Princess footwear line of Irregular Selection. They’re made from polyurethane materials and have plenty of brilliant details putting together some of The Little Mermaid’s best moments. Ariel and Flounder are appliqued onto the sides of the shoes and shimmering sequins cover the front.

Each6-inch heel is decorated with a small encased water globe. Another features Ariel’s little girl, while the other features Ursula, the devilish sea-witch. Slip them on and it’s like you bring the whole movie anywhere you go with you! And like all the Irregular Choice shoes, they look on your shelf just as great as they do on your feet!

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