Iconic ‘Star Wars’ Teapot Brings You to The Dark Side

Do you ever think Darth Vader sat is drinking tea at the end of a long. Difficult day of blowing up worlds and forcing people to choke in his round ball thing. The kettle Lord Vader would use if he did this. An Iconic ‘Star Wars’ Teapot kettle will generate hot water to get your favorite drink going, whether it’s coffee, hot chocolate or tea.
Star Wars Mug 

An Iconic ‘Star Wars’ Teapot Darth Vader tea pot is intended for use on any stove-top. It is produced using food grade tempered steel and covered with a smooth matt enamel finish, can hold up to 1.7 liters of liquid. And makes an ideal gift for any Star Wars fan.

Ideal for boiling tea or coffee water on gas, electric or induction stove-tops for quick water warming. At the point when not being used. The Darth Vader tea pot will likewise make a striking expansion to your kitchen or stove-top as a bit of quirky style.

The Star Wars helmet tea pot is rust proof, solid yet at the same time lightweight. Heat-safe, slip-proof and ergonomically worked for greatest comfort and grip. Moreover, in the event that you utilize the pot when wearing a Darth Vader glove, you get additional points.


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