Hot Dog Steamer Handy Little Machine

The significance of steaming your hot dogs and warming your buns is known to all. It sounds disturbing, indeed, yet that doesn’t make it any less genuine. Lovers of hot dogs will all disclose to you something very similar. Also, that is the reason you need this Nostalgia Hot Dog Steamer and Bun Warmer, because in one helpful little device, it does everything.

Hot Dog Steamer

Just fill the base with water to utilize the hot dog steamer, put the top back on the base, take the hot dog cabinet out, put your hot dogs inside, and push the cabinet inside. While cooking your hot dogs, you can return your buns on top to make them pleasant and hot.

handy Hot Dog Steamer

Because of the Coca-Cola style, this hot dog streamer has a cool retro look, and is splendid red in shading. The liner likewise has helpful little handles on the cabinet and top bun area to advantageously embed your toasting and steaming hot dogs and buns in. Other features incorporate a cooking dial with three situations: off-warm-high, a water level window that is anything but difficult to see and the unit is dismantled for simple cleaning.

hot dog steamer and bun warmer

The Nostalgia hot dog streamer causes you to steam up to 24 hot dogs in only 15 minutes, and can keep up to 12 buns one after another on the top rack. Other than just hot dogs, the hot dog steamer is red in shading, has nostalgic Coca-Cola logos on the side of it, and can steam a range of other foods.

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