Hitch Dog Step – Easy Way for Dog to Access Your Car

No doubt, to help give your pooch simple access to the back of your truck or SUV, you may bring around portable dog ramp however this dog hitch move looks much simpler. The Portable Hitch Dog Step is an extraordinary dog access step that interfaces your vehicle or truck right to the hitch. And gives them a helpful strolling stage to rapidly hop in the rear of your SUV.

Hitch Dog Step

The best part about this hitch dog step. However, is that when it isn’t being used it essentially tucks directly under your vehicle or truck. You won’t need to mount it thusly, and afterward uninstall it whenever your pooches need to get into the rear of your vehicle. Simply mount the dog hitch stage once, and don’t need to reconsider it.

best Hitch Dog Step

There are two versions of the hitch dog step, one of which is for shorter SUVs. And there is likewise a longer version which is proposed for trucks with back ends. The more extended rendition will extend the length of the back end when it is opened. So, that once your back end is down, your pooch will have very quick access to your vehicle.

Portable Hitch Dog Step

The truck hitch dog ramp can fit on any ordinary 1.25-inch and 2-inch hitch recipient. And makes a tallness change of 6 inches to coordinate pretty much every type of truck or SUV. The dog step is completely introduced out of the crate with the goal that you can mount it on your vehicle quickly. Furthermore includes a non-slip surface at the highest point of the stage. So you are a dog as you attempt to enter your vehicle.

best Portable Hitch Dog Step

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best portable dog ramp

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best hitch step for dogs

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