Hilarious Lion Mane Wig – Instantly Make Your Cat the King of Jungle

Hello friends! Pets Halloween party is just around the corner, eeek. Have you got your pet’s costumes all buttoned up and ready to go? If not, here’s the solution. You can instantly transform your cat into Lion with the easy pull of a drawstring. Would you like to hear your guests roar in laughter? This hilarious lion mane wig is an ideal way for your cat to start the party. Dress up your cat for parties, holidays- (think Halloween) or just overall for good old-fashioned home entertainment. This hilarious Lion Mane Wig is easy and soft enough to soothe the savage beast. While providing Hours of Fun for YOU and your friends and neighbors.
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Your cat will rejoice in all the love it gets from others. You will enjoy seeing your cat walk with pride while tons of love and laughter on the’ lovable lion’ are showered. It could even help keep the burglars away if they think a fearsome house lion is protecting your door.

The manes of the cat lion are handcrafted and add Velcro lashes to your pet which tie under the jawline. The external shade of the cat mane is caramel and the inward covering shading may shift, the opening of the face additionally varies relying upon which one you pick, since lion mane wigs for cats will be smaller, and lion mane wigs for canines will be somewhat bigger.

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