Handbag Raincoat Keeps Your Designer Bag Dry In Rain

Let’s be honest, your bag is most likely worth very much more than whatever clothes you’ve chosen to wear while it’s raining today. So for what reason do you have an umbrella over yourself when you should ensure that thousand dollar leather bag. The raincoat handbag is only that, an umbrella for your handbag. So your bag won’t get scratched when it’s in the rain.

Handbag Raincoat

The raincoat for your bag is a plastic covering with an opening in the center to bring the handle of your handbag into. After you have done this, you can hold your bag as normal with the raincoat hung over your pocket. In this manner protecting it from rain, except if some modest quantity of water will get pass the gap in the middle of the tarp where you hold handles.

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The Handbag Raincoat arrives in a huge number of various styles to browse including a transparent version. An opaque form, a solid dark version and a collection of designed variants. The handbag raincoat shell is accessible in various sizes relying upon how huge your purse or is. Bag accompanies a beautiful dark trim. It has a Velcro top to make sure about the top opening and arrives in a carrying bag. And arrives in a carrying pocket to make sure about it for when not being used.

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