Solo Ice Tray – Perfect for Star Wars-Themed Parties!

If I could, I’d be able to turn all of my favorite scenes from movies into an ice cube that I could use to cool my drink, I definitely would. When it’s cooled with Kevin Bacon wrecking some Graboids from Tremors, that whisky diet will taste additional scrumptious. Yet, if you lean toward a version of Star Wars, this form that portrays Han Solo stuck in carbonite that has been transformed into an ice cube could work.

Solo Ice Tray

This Han Solo carbonite ice tray makes one giant variant of Han Solo, alongside 6 more modest versions, stuck in carbonite. By taking the 1 giant Han Solo ice shape, you can be the ruler of your gathering, while the plebeians who have attended your party can take the mini variants. Throughout the party, everybody will definitely know who the Alpha-male is, since your Han Solo ice cube is so a lot bigger.

best Solo Ice Tray

Not exclusively does the Han Solo ice tray make ice obviously, yet it can likewise be utilized to make chocolate versions of Han Solo caught in carbonite. Or then again you can likewise utilize it to make Han Solo Jello, or for use with other little liquids, if you favor other Star Wars themed food.

Han Solo carbonite ice tray

The Han Solo in carbonite ice tray has phenomenal detailing, is made of silicone and is bundled in a poly-vinyl pack with board art to look simply like the genuine scene. The Han Solo huge ice block is 3.75 inches high x 1.5 inches wide x 1 inch down, while the six more modest shapes are 1.75 inches high x 7/8 inches wide x 0.75 inches down.

best Han Solo carbonite ice tray
best Solo carbonite ice tray
Solo carbonite ice tray
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