Guppie Uses As a Knife Along With a Ton of Other Ways

I have a multi-device that I carry each day with me, and I don’t know how often I’ve said it, yet it was great purchases I’ve ever made. Whenever something should be fixed, I have what I need, whether it’s a huge work or a small work. The River Guppie of Columbia is the same. For all types of work, you will think that its very helpful. The Guppie, alongside a great deal of different forms, can be utilized as a knife or a flashlight.


It includes a 1/2-inch flexible wrench jaw, a carabiner gate that makes it simple to carry on a belt loop, D-ring, pack or rope (not a weight-bearing), a high-carbon treated steel blade with a Razor-Sharp edge that can be opened and shut with one hand, a removable piece holder that is likewise an extreme focus LED light and has two magnets to hold it on the left half of the Guppie.

guppie knife

There is a ton of flexibility to this device and you will end up utilizing it around the house or at your work site over and over. The open length of the Guppie multi-tool is 5.5 inches, 3.5 inches is the closed length, while the length of the sharp edge is 2 inches in length.

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