Gulpy Makes It Easy for Your Dog to Drink Water On the Go!

The Gulpy is a travel dog water bottle that has a retractable tray from which your dog can drink. The Gulpy has a bowl that takes the shape of a water bottle, similar to the auto dog travel mug that you squeeze to get water into the bowl, and the H204K9 travel water bottle for dogs that has a cap that serves as a bowl. Simply twist the bottle away from the bowl and squeeze the amount of water your dog needs into the bowl when you need to fill it up.


Although device appears to be like a hamster feeder, for long climbs, bicycle rides, and walks where your dog would require regular water breaks, the Gulpy will function admirably. The main disadvantage is that if they don’t finish it all, the water you squeeze into the plate won’t be placed back into the water bottle.

gulpy water bottle

The Gulpy travel water bottle for dogs is made of plastic, accompanies a helpful belt loop for hands free transport on its back, arrives in a plenty of various tones to browse, and comes in two unique sizes, a bigger bottle that can hold to 20 oz of water, and a smaller one that can hold up to 10 oz of water.

Gulpy travel water bottle for dogs
gulpy dog water bottle
gulpy water bottle for dog
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