Grubstick Holds Your Grub to Cook It Over a Campfire


Grubstick is precisely what the name implies. It’s a stick that carries the grub so that it can be cooked over a fire. Man has been putting food on a stick to cook it since the beginning of time, yet the Grubstick provides the modern man with a unique and current idea for this process. It’s actually a slightly modified version of the hot dog cooker campfire.

This convenient campfire cooker has numerous accessories, for example, an adaptive handle that reaches up to 37 inches, a skewering Grubfork, a S’mores Grubcage, and a release tool to safely deliver hot food from the Grubcage.

The Grubstick is made of high-grade hardened steel, so it will keep going for quite a while, and it is dishwasher safe, it is additionally simple to clean. Because of the drawstring knapsack included, going with it is additionally a breeze and the way that it has an extending handle that folds down to practically nothing. Most grilling sticks will give you just a few uses, as this one uses high quality materials, cooking scrumptious grub over the campfire will endure forever.

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