Grubstick – Enjoy Cooking Over a Campfire

Grubstick revolutionizes the cooking experience. Now you can grill better than ever and try out more Grub-stick recipes. The new campfire cooking tool allows to hold your grub and cook while travelling, camping and spending a day on a picnic. For enjoying the food experience, try the Grubstick kit that comprises of the Grubstick handle, Grubcage, Burgcage, Grubtube, Grubfork and Grubpocket. When it comes to enjoying a mouthwatering food experience for an outside adventure, don’t forget to take Grubstick kit with you. Develop love for delicious Grub-stick recipes while being outdoors and discover how the campfire version of food cooking on a stick provides an ultimate experience.

campfire grub

The accessories contain the handle that can stretch up to 37 inches and also a release tool to safely place the food from grubcage and burgcage on the serving plate. The Grub stick is made of stainless steel which is durable, easy to wash, easy to use and clean. Most of other grilling materials are limited to a certain use but with this Grubstick kit you can extent your campfire cooking experience better than ever. Add the Grubstick to your cart, it is perfect for those who just want the absolute necessities as it is ideal for anyone who wishes to enjoy delicious food being outdoors.

Deluxe Campfire Cook kit
grubstick master kit
grubstick kit
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