Giant Moscow Mule Mug

I can possibly drink around 1 of them with regards to Moscow Mules until my mouth is loaded up with sugar and I surrender and go to a beer or whisky. However if I had only 1 Moscow Mule in this mug I would likely wind up dead. This Giant Moscow Mule mug can hold a huge 1.5 gallons of liquid and ideally it’s something you’ll share, or you’ll have a terrible morning.

Giant Moscow Mule Mug

Contrasted with the monster coffee mug, you can plunk down for some time and make the most of your beverage the entire night without topping off your cup each half hour, when you top this mule mug off. That is except if you share the enormous Moscow Mule that I recommend you do.

Extra Large Moscow Mule Copper Mug

This titanic of a cocktail mug has an extraordinary bygone era feel, highlighting a pounded strong copper body loaded up with nickel, and is fundamentally, yet in giant size, the quintessential Moscow Mule mug. Maybe around 5-10 times the standard mug size.

giant Mule Mug of moscow

The giant Moscow Mule mug contains an incredible 192 ounces of ice, and is worked to keep your beverages hotter, which you’ll require for the following 5 hours while sitting and tasting on this mug.

best giant Mule Mug of moscow

The giant Moscow Mule mug has a metal handle for a decent hold, it is around 9 inches tall x around 8 inches in distance across, and is perfect for shared beverages, pop, frosted tea or some other beverage you like. Not simply ideal for tasting monster drinks from, this giant cocktail mug would look astounding as a bit of workmanship in your kitchen or bar, regardless of whether you don’t utilize it ever.

best extra large Mule Mug of moscow
giant Moscow mug
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