Giant Cracker Shaped Pillows

Thinking to modify the looks of your home interior with something unusual??? Why don’t you people try for the crackers, that looks like original biscuits and yummy. The amazing cracker shaped pillows features printed biscuits designs on them. The 3D painting is what makes it unique. This makes the pillows adaptable to any design as per individual choice. The throw pillows are fluffy, soft and provides full comfort. These are interesting home decors, interior stuff and could be very good items for gifts as well. Very ideal for sitting rooms and waiting areas. Even these would be good for terrace sittings and patios.

Giant Cracker Shaped Pillows

Cracker shipped pillows are ultimate comfortable items to possess. The fabric is high stretch short wool, soft and durable. The PP cotton give plush feel and exquisite finish. Colorful and versatile, these can be used for home interior furniture or placed on the bed. The cracker shaped pillows are simple cute. It comes in four different shaped. The shapes include round regular biscuits, square sesame biscuits and green onion biscuits. The main or the basic design has 15.75 inches x 15.75 inches.

biscuit pillow

The unique design beautifies the home interior. This is an elegant gift for your loved ones. The product finishing is very much appreciable and looks classy. After buying one pillow you will have a desire to make repeated purchase for the complete sets. The soft and cute cracker pillows can be the part of your living room, or couch or courtyard.

biscuit cushion

The canvas material is prepared from premium quality of cotton and short-stretch wool. The comfort is very much appreciable for sure. An ideal stuff to please and impress your friends, family and guests. Buy today before all biscuits run out of stock. This can make a good addition for your room, office or even for your car.

3D painted pillow

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