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Genius Table with Built-in Trash Barrel

Are you a sea food lover? What is your favorite one? Shrimps, lobsters, oysters or crawfish. Here we come up with the most unique Genius Table Top that lets you make a perfect dine experience. The table comes with the built-in trash barrel. Eat your favorite food and at the same time dispose the leftovers and trash too. This makes easy to clean eating space. The 55gallon barrel attached as trash bin carries all the scrap. It is not only limited to sea food but can be used for any meal that is served. The crawfish table makes it easy to dispose off the leftovers.

table with trash canIt is ideal for family dine ins and roof top party meals. The unique genius table is made of food grade and is easy to clean. It can be carried along for outdoor picnics and parties to make a unique dine out experience. The 44-inch table features large food sections along with glass sockets given to enjoy your favorite beverage along with the food. The seafood boil table can carry 2 paper towel holder which provides easy cleaning.
build in trash canThe giant barrel which acts as a trash bin lets you throw the trash in. The bungee cords help in securing the food from spilling or tipping off. The over the garbage eating table is made with 8 built in cup holders or glass holders, 2 paper towel holders, 4 indented areas to hold large amount of food that you are going to eat. Gather along with your friends and decorate the table top with the most delicious food. Enjoy feasting for ribs, prawns, fish, rice, steaks and much more.

giant table for food and trash can
combine table and trash bin

No more creating the mess on the table, as you eat, you throw the leftovers in the bin. Easy to clean and dispose of garbage while you eat.
table and trash can


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