Genius StepNPull – Open Door Without Your Hands!

Do you hate touching the door handles of the germy toilet. And then again you are struggling with an idea of washing your hands in an public bathroom. Then afterward opening the door. However, if the idea causes your skin to crawl and invokes memories of the bacteria baffled door handles that contaminate your freshly clean hands. Then this new innovation is might be for you. These door openers called the Genius StepNPull permit you to exit hands free from the bathroom and ought to be introduced in any public washroom door.
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The Genius StepNPull can be conveniently installed on any inward door opening which is not latching. It was fastened to the bottom corner of the door using only 3 provided screws. It’s the best way to avoid the germs, bacteria or viruses that might be on the handles of the public door. Also open doors when you have both hands full. Similarly, reduce toweling paper costs by not having to dry your hands when you go out of the bathroom or even prevent cross contamination.

This genius StepNPull door foot opener handle is made of 70% reused aluminum. Effortlessly assembled in under 5 minutes,. Consistent with the American Disability Act (ADA). And features a ridgid-lipped edge that permits you to rapidly pull any open door with your foot. It comes with everything you need to mount the StepNpull,1 StepNPull, 3 screws, 1-barrel bolt with machine screw. An eye-level instructional door sticker to tell people there is a foot handle and 1 instruction card.

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