Food Truck Serves Tasty Treat to Your Feathered Friends

Have fun with an urban way of life of the birds in your yard. However remain far away from the inner city? Alright, now with a food truck bird feeder, you can bring the delightful cooking of urban food trucks directly to the birds in your back yard. This lets your feathered friends feast directly from the side of the truck on new food truck dishes in the lawn.
Squirrel Table

Food Truck Serves for bird

The food truck bird feeder includes little steel doors on the side of the fold down to permit the feathered creatures to perch from devouring the bird food put in the truck’s center. The truck is made of plastic. And you can  advantageously suspend the truck in your yard from any tree limb.

best Food Truck Serves for bird

The bird feeder makes an extraordinary pit shop for all the hungry birds in your neighborhood. It has an opening on the two sides of the truck. Opening has a space where steel plate for various birds to feast inside the truck’s flavorful bird feed. The food truck bird feeder is white. It accompanies a hanging rope projecting from the highest point of the truck’s center. It weighs 1.76 oz, and it estimates 7 inches in length x 4.8 inches wide x 6 inches tall.

Food Truck Serves for bird feeder

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