Fondue Mugs Keep Beverages Hot Using Small Candle

There’s no compelling reason to warm up an entire pot of if you’d prefer to have some fondue for lunch or dinner while dining alone, except if you’re truly ravenous. These little fondue mugs permit you to warm up only a modest quantity of cheddar, fudge, for only 1 or 2 individuals and are warmed utilizing just a little candle. A wide opening on the lower part of the mug permits you to situate a lit candle that sends warmth to the substance of your mug while you dip your fondue forks for utilization and keep them extra hot.

Fondue Mugs

The purchase accompanies 2 mugs of fondue alongside 2 forks of fondue, so you should flexibly provide your own tea candles. Simply ensure there’s a ton of stream of oxygen going towards the flame, else it may go out as the candle sits under the mug in an encased region.

 Ceramic Fondue Mugs and Forks

The fondue mug collection is phenomenal for cheddar, chocolate, or a variety of different foods, is sound for microwave and dishwasher, is dark in shading, and with the handle, each mug estimates 4.75 inches tall x 5 inches wide. The forks of the fondue measure 4 5/8 inches.

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