Folding Sunglasses – Slap Them On for Action Sports!

Sunnies are the ideal dynamic way of life adornment. There is no compelling reason to have a type of a neck support on your shades with Slapsees. The Slapsee Folding Sunglasses are another pair of sunglasses proposed to slap on your wrist if not being used like the old slap wristbands are. Ideal for tossing on your arm, bicycle handlebars or knapsack when not, at this point required, or when the sun is setting, the slap shades have a pivoted nose so you can overlap the shades fifty-fifty and afterward slap onto your wrist to turn out to be in a flash increasingly wonderful.
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Folding Sunglasses

When the slap folding sunglasses are being used. They really fold over the rear of your head so that the sunglasses don’t tumble off by essentially snapping their closures. It resembles they hug your face! Made by New Zealand-based organization Slapsee. The slap shades are ideal for any occasion that may profit by certain 90s style. In addition to they arrive in a large number of various colors to browse.

best Folding Sunglasses

With the unique collapsing arms covered in material silicone, the smooth frames are both durable and lightweight. The dull tinted lenses have a rating UV 400, which squares 100 percent of destructive UV radiation.

Slapsee Folding Sunglasses

best Slapsee Folding Sunglasses

SlapSee Sports Foldable Sunglasses

best SlapSee Sports Foldable Sunglasses

Sports Foldable Sunglasses

best Sports Foldable Sunglasses

Foldable Wrist Sunglasses

best Foldable Wrist Sunglasses

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