Floor Rug Alarm Clock Makes You Step on It to Turn It off

How many times has your alarm vanished in the morning, just for you to disregard it, fall back alseep, and overlook work or any arrangement you may have had? To me? Around three days per week. Basic alarm clocks or mobile alarms don’t make you search for an approach to close off your alarm. This organization makes a floor mat alarm clock that you place close to your bed, and will make you step on it for 3 seconds so as to turn off the alarm.

ruggie alarm clock

The floor mat alarm clock has a splendid LED clock on the gadget’s upper left corner, permitting you to see the time from bed when you don’t have a typical clock in your room. Also the delicate , cushioned texture on the floor covering will absolutely please your morning.

best ruggie alarm clock

If 3 seconds isn’t sufficient to hold you alarm, or you may see yourself resting later, you can modify the measure of time you have to step on the floor mat to close off the alarm for as long as 30 seconds. Rather than some aggravating notice sound, you can even customize the admonition to play your main tune with a MP3 record. To do as such, basically interface the Ruggie alarm clock through the USB connect to your PC and transfer your most loved MP3 record to the system.

best Ruggie floor rug alarm

The floor mat alarm clock would like to move the morning schedule from turning over and squeezing the rest button, to get up promptly toward the beginning of the day when the alarm goes off.

Ruggie floor rug alarm

The Ruggie alarm clock comes in white or blue colors to browse, is made of inconceivably delicate bouncing back adaptable padding, has an exquisite and smaller design that will glance extraordinary in any space, and has an anti-slip elastic cushion at the base of the mat to keep it from sliding around.

Ruggie floor rug alarm
best Ruggie floor rug alarm
Floor Rug Alarm
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