Floating Cooler Keeps Drinks Cold While You Enjoy In Water

If you can’t make it to the lake to enjoy a boat trip today, at that point carry the lake to you with this making your day. Just put on your commanders (or captain) cap, jump in the pool and envision it’s you coasting in the boat instead of your chilly cool lagers. The S.S. Goodlife Floating Kooler will keep your beverages cold while you enjoy splish sprinkling around throughout the evening.

Floating Cooler

The boat cooler is made of top notch closed cell foam that will keep it gliding and level in the stormiest of conditions so don’t hesitate to cannon ball throughout the day and not stress over your boat going under. The vinyl Bahama Blue coating will secure the cooler against sun, chlorine, and salt water harm.

best Floating Cooler

At 6 pounds and 23 x 17 x 9.5 inches, the cooler is anything but difficult to carry and can oblige up to 18 jars or jugs and some ice to keep them cold. The two drink holders urge you to let loose your hands so you can enjoy on the round of water volleyball. And, there is a little embellishment holder too to store some other waterproof items you need in closeness.

intex floating cooler

Also included are tie off grommets on the front and back of the boat so you can tie down your boat to a securing to guarantee it doesn’t skim away. Such tie-offs additionally make this an ideal option for your boat as there is nothing better than a boat with a boat better joined. Don’t hesitate to enjoy this boat cooler as an open take boat by leaving the connected top dangling off, or you can secure the valuable load inside by keeping the cover on close.

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