Flippin’ Fantastic makes 7 pancakes

I need as many pancakes as 3 families, as per the back of the pancake package. This either infers their serving sizes are excessively little, or that my hunger for delightful delicious buttery pancakes is very high. The “Flippin ‘Fantastic” pancake maker may be for you, in case you’re similar to me and need just 7 pancakes on your plate at a time.

 Flippin pancake maker

The Flippin ‘Fantastic is a pancake maker that lets you make up to 7 pancakes all at once super rapidly. Simply put the gadget on your sheet, empty your pancake batter into each assigned cooking circle, and wait for it to cook on one side. Just get the sides of the unit and turn it over until it’s fit to be flipped.

 Flippin pancake maker gadget

The 7 pancakes will fall directly out of the silicone flipper until turned over, and be prepared to take the pan off with a spatula until the opposite side is done browning. Without the wreck, and without the fear of flipping or overlapping them, you’ll have the option to rapidly make a huge amount of pancakes.

silicone pancake flipper

The Flippin ‘Fantastic is made of a silicone non-stick substance that keeps the batter in an ideal shape during frying, and while flipping, a base ring keeps the batter set up so nothing drops out. Yet, when the pancakes are flipped, they fall directly out, so you won’t battle to get the pancakes out of the unit.

Flippin Fantastic makes 7 pancakes

The Flippin ‘Fantastic 7 pancake maker not just functions admirably for pancakes, it likewise functions admirably for making 7 eggs all at once, 7 mini omelets, 7 hash browns, and more. It works for any container that is 10 inches or bigger, and is up to 450 degrees F. microwave, dishwasher, and oven safe.

Flippin Fantastic makes 7 pancakes
pancake flipper mold
Pancake Flipping Kitchen Gadget
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