Fleece Chicken Bag Stores Your Essentials While Looking Chic

You most likely recall the elastic rubber chicken purse we posted some time back, which was presumably the greatest purse any lady may possess, as I would like to think as a male in his 30s. Little did I understand that there were more bags of chicken out there that I presently couldn’t seem to look. Take this new fleece chicken bag, for instance. It’s a shoulder bag that balances a helpful chicken from your side where, while looking overly cool, you can store every one of your necessities at the same time.

Fleece Chicken Bag

The chicken-shaped shoulder bag is made of fleece, so it’s super-delicate, and it’s certain to get anybody in the region’s eyeballs, which I can possibly accept that is what you’re going for if you lash your shoulder with a chicken. There are little chicken feet hanging from the bottom of the chicken shoulder bag, a yellow flexible shoulder strap, and a zipper enclosure on the top where you can store your phone, cosmetics, wallet, and the wide range of various essentials you take with you everyday.

bags of chicken

The real fleece chicken bag is 18.1 inches long x 10.2 inches wide, and you can utilize it as a shoulder bag, a cross-body bag, and even a clutch purse utilizing a flexible yellow tie. The inside of the chicken bag is made of downy, so all around it is very feathery, and you are ensured to protect your things inside from harm.

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