Fish Clock Aquarium Doubles as a Clock and Hangs On Wall

The fish tank clock is an aquarium of beta fish that serves as a clock that you can hang on your wall. Your fish may think you like him so much since you take a gander at him so much, however in reality you simply take a look at the time. Not exclusively is the fish clock wonderful to look at, but at the same time it’s very simple to clean and keep up, sure to be a moment discussion piece.

Fish Clock Aquarium

An ideal blessing thought for design lovers, the interesting fish clock gives Betta fish an incredible house, since they don’t need to bother with a ton of room to live in. A door at the head of the fish clock lets you fill the clock with water, feed the fish and clean the aquarium rapidly. The fish clock can be helpfully mounted utilizing just a screwdriver on your wall. Simply fill it with water after establishment, include any added substances required for the fish, and spot the fish in their new home, which serves as a clock!

Fish Clock

When loaded up with water, the clock fish tank measures 11 pounds, contains about a gallon and a half of water, is made of break safe plastic, and arrives in a large number of various colors to browse.

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