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Eye Massager Reduces Puffiness and Pressure Near Your Eyes


You absolutely wouldn’t anticipate that one to massage your eyeballs from all the various types of massaging devices that are out on the market. Actually, I never realized I needed to massage my eyes, that is, as of recently. The Aurai is a unique eye massaging system that stimulates airflow around your eyes utilizing water-based weight treatment and decreases the puffiness and pressure that regularly happens close to your eyes.

It is said that the Aurai eye massaging system improves the quality of sleep, soothes eye pressure, assists with dry eye torment, and uses cool pressure to help with puffiness and barely recognizable differences. It utilizes hot or cold water to flow and adds strain to the front of your eyelids. The cool temperatures are as low as 64 degrees F, while the hotter temperatures are as high as 108 degrees F.

The setting of hot temperatures will assist increase blood flow to the eyes, while the cold setting will in general mitigate torment and swelling of the eyes. On top of the adjustments in temperature, for more restorative necessities, the system may likewise massage the eye region.

The massage function can be set to high or low speeds, close off automatically after 6 minutes, additionally functions admirably for headache relief, is worked by an inner rechargeable battery that endures up to 1.5 hours on a solitary charge, accompanies an associated remote that permits you to control everything and measures 9 inches in length x 9 inches wide x 3 1/3 inches high.

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