Explosive Pimple Pete Game Lets You to Pop Pimples

Hi, pimple poppers. Want a new game where you’re playing with zits. You do nasty things, of course. All right, you’re in luck. The Explosive Pimple Pete Game that Dr. Pimple Popper is introducing is all about popping pimples. If that sounds enjoyable to you. The terrible round of Spin Master will let you pop pimples with your loved ones.
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Intended for at least 2 players. Pimple Pete’s objective is to “pop” however many pimples on his poor adolescent face as could be allowed without blasting the Rudolph-like Mega Zit on his nose. You’ll get squirted with “pimple juice” when the monster zit detonates. I would very much want squeezed orange over pimple juice if I had the other option.

Explosive Pimple Pete game has a face which only a dermatologist likes. Player spins the arrow, then chooses to “pop” a squishy pimple on the area indicated. The goal is to get the “pimple” out without causing the nose filled with Mega-Zit, which is filled with water (although I think you can fill it with something nastier). So you’ll either get a zit or a squirt.

The game incorporates one Pimple Pete hand. The base spinner to help figure out where to pop the pimples. 18 reusable pimples and 1 Mega-Zit unclogger to stack up the pimple water.

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