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Elephant Shaped Silverware Water Drainer

The Elephant Cutlery Drainers is elegantly designed. It is perfect to be placed in kitchen or washroom. It is compact and consumes less space. The Jumbo Water Drainer is elephant shaped and drains water out of the trunk. You can either keep spoons and forks or toothpaste and brush. The elephant shaped is perfect for you and your kitchen. It serves as a drying rack and excess water of the silverware is drained easily out. Very cost effective and useful item.

cutlery drainer

This has been designed by the Peleg Design, that designs all the stuff sophistically and uniquely. This time they come with the Jumbo Cutlery Drainer which is easy to use and wash. The best thing is that you don’t have to put efforts in making the excess water go out. The long elephant nose drains all the water off. The elephant silverware water drainer’s trunk hangs over the sink so that no water drips onto your counter.

Jumbo Cutlery Drainer
plastic Cutlery Drainer

The drainer is made from hard plastic and comes in few colors such as grey and white color. The overall size of the cutlery drainer is 16inches x 10inchesx 11.7inches. This is so far the perfect silverware for the washroom or kitchen. The ideal water drainer is useful as you can see it has a sophisticated style. And it does not even look odd. Just keep the spoons, knives and forks after wash in it.
Cutlery Drainer with hard plastic


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