Egg Cooker Cooks Up To 6 Eggs Without Having to Boil Water

There are countless gadgets these days to speed up our meals. Soon, we’ll simply need to go through 5 minutes every day in the kitchen. Another awesome device that quickens things is the Rapid Egg Cooker. Without heating up any water, this valuable and unique kitchen device cooks up to 6 eggs all at once. Furthermore, how cool is it? Or would it be good for me to have said hot?

Egg Cooker

With this interesting kitchen device, you can undoubtedly make 6 hard, medium, or delicate boiled eggs, individual omelets, 2 poached eggs and even fried eggs. A poaching plate, a measuring cup, an omelet plate, and a 6-egg keeping plate are included. This could be the best device ever for cooking egg. All you need to do to use it is fill the measuring cup up to the desired accuracy line, and to start, hit the on/off button. When your eggs are cooked to an ideal amount, the system will then shut off automatically.

Rapid Egg Cooker

This thing does it all in only a couple minutes with simply a small amount of the measure of water you would usually use, no more having to get out and dirty a pot and sitting around idly and water filling it up and boiling it. The Rapid Egg Cooker utilizes all non-electric parts and is reasonable for dishwashing, so it’s too simple to clean up. It additionally accompanies a 1-year guarantee from the producer, a recipe book and access to an extending recipes database.

Dash Rapid Egg Cooker
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Best Rapid Egg Cooker
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