Dunking Buddy – A Mess Free Cookie Dunking Experience

The Dunking Buddy is a device that fits on your drinking glass loaded up with milk and magnet strength to bring down your cookie or biscuit into the milk. The cookie is put inside the glass in a container, and that container is held up by a magnet which is put outside the glass.

Dunking Buddy

Just lower the handle about the outside of the glass to dunk your cookie into the milk and your cookie will bring down with it by being joined to the magnet. When dunked long enough to absorb the smooth goodness, just raise the magnet and your cookie will sit tight for you over the milk line at the head of the glass.

best Dunking Buddy

Great to utilize when you truly would prefer not to dip your hands into your milk like a wild, the Dunking Buddy likewise assists kids with finding out about science and the cool things magnets need to give us. The Dunking Buddy magnetic cookie dunker can dunk two cookies in the milk at once, can be appended to such a cup, is appropriate for a long time 4 or more, isn’t dishwasher safe (hand wash just), and accompanies a shading evolving cup.

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