Dripstik Protects Your Kid’s Hands From Getting Sticky

There’s nothing more regrettable than a child going around your home with sticky fingers, getting and putting down each toy they’ve ever had, making a sticky pile of toys simpler to consume and begin new as opposed to washing each of the sticky residues. This item will make your life as a parent a lot simpler, because it is a gadget that shields your youngsters’ hands from getting sticky while eating softening frozen treats and Popsicle.

Dripstik popsicle holder

The DripStik as it is called is a double sided frozen treat holder that has a defensive top that will in part spread your treat when you eat it and catch whatever falls and dribbles off. One side of the DripStik can hold Popsicles or something on a stick so you would then be able to turn it over and hold frozen treats of practically any size or minor departure from the opposite side.

Dripstik icecream holder

Not only helpful for keeping frozen treats and protecting your little one’s hands from getting grimy, the DripStik can likewise be utilized to make frozen treats and Popsicles. Just fill within store with your preferred water, place a stick in the center, and pop it in the cooler for a couple of hours.

dripstik ice cream and popsicle holder

The DripStick is made of sturdy but flexible food-accommodating plastic, is excessively simple to utilize, arrives in a couple of various colors to look over, is appropriate for the dishwasher and works with pretty much every type of hand-held frozen treat.

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best dripstik ice cream and popsicle holder
best dripstik ice cream holder
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