Door Cam Gives a Great View Outside Your Door

Smart doorbells are wonderful, however they are an agony to set up, and with a current doorbell that you can replace it with, they can just be mounted on outer doors. The DoorCam is a brand new smart camera that can be mounted on any door in a split second. The over-the-door camera gives you an away from of everything on your smart phone that is visible on the opposite side. It’s self proclaimed “World’s First Wireless, Smart Surveillance Camera Over-The-Door” and it truly looks really convenient!

Door Cam

The smart camera over the door is mounted simply as it looks, simply balance it over your door in a real sense, and close the door. You can have intelligent viewing capabilities on the other side of each interior or outer door in seconds. It incorporates extraordinary features, for example, motion recognition, two-way chat, video recording, night-vision, and more.

Wireless Smart Surveillance Camera

The DoorCam is appropriate for use in dorms, houses, residences, work environments and more, to get a brief look at whether you’re on the opposite side of the door or around the world right outside your door. When it detects a guest, you’ll get a warning on your smartphone so you can look in on what it’s identity is, or address whoever is at your door.

Smart Surveillance Camera for home door

When you move or change residences/workplaces, the over-the-door camera can undoubtedly be taken with you, it transfers in superior quality video with a wide edge perspective on 160°, utilizes full duplex sound, incorporates all the memory, wi-fi, and gadget parts within the door, and it has a flexible section on the back to coordinate any width door.

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