Dog Maze Bowl Prolongs Pet Meal

If your dog resembles with mine, he’s wolfing his food down so quick that he really didn’t chew anything besides gulped everything. You could have filled his bowl with dirt and without eating it, he would eat it a similar way. The Buster Dog Maze is a food bowl for your dog that spreads the food around a maze like design all through the dog bowl not exclusively to drag out their meal and cause them to eat all the more gradually, however it likewise actuates the sense of your dog and makes it all the more a game or puzzle, instead of only devoring a bowl of food that is put before them.

Dog Maze Bowl

Your dog has two choices to get the food out of the maze, one being to just arrive at the food by utilizing their tongue through the walls of the maze, and two being that they’ll need to make sense of how to push the food through the maze and out both of the two openings on the maze side.

slow feeder dog bowl

The buster maze shaped dog food bowl is perfect for both indoor and open air use, functions admirably for treats or complete dinners, has a one-size for all dogs since you can top off the dish with anyway much food your dog typically expends, comes in either dark or beige colors to browse and measures 16.5 inches long x 15.8 inches wide x 2.8 inches thick.

buster maze shaped dog food bowl
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