Dinosaur Bottle Opener Pulls Out Caps from Bottles by Its Jaw

If you could opt to open your bottle of beer with any species that is living, deceased, extinct, or fictional, I figure the Tyrannosaurus Rex will take the cake for me. They have about the correct point of the jaw, dangerously sharp teeth, and their arms are excessively obstinate and short to do anything about it. This dinosaur bottle opener is a Tyrannosaurus Rex little cast-iron that, utilizing its jaw, can remove the caps from your bottles.

dinosaur bottle opener

The T-Rex bottle opener can stand perfectly all alone on a table or desk while not opening bottles of beer to stand conspicuously and show your friends or youngsters that your hard working attitude resembles a Tyrannosaurus Rex, strong, top of the food chain, and inadequate in specific regards.

dinosaur T-Rex bottle opener

The dinosaur T-Rex bottle opener is made of durable cast iron, comes in a gift package where it breaks through the side of the box, and measures 9 inches long x 5 inches wide, a great gift idea for any geek, beer drinker or office worker.

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