Darth Vader Shower Head Washes Away Your Dark Side

When you’re an enthusiast of Star Wars and need to demonstrate your commitment to any room in the house. It’s hard to find the correct stylistic layout for your bathroom. However, you can give your washroom a genuinely necessary portion of geek chic with these special Star Wars shower heads by Oxygenics. For the Darth Vader handheld shower head, it is pointless to oppose the power of the wet side. But be cautioned, from the first, the three splash settings can appear to be to some degree disturbing, especially in light of the fact that apparently Vader is weeping hazardous tears or spitting requests on you about his valuable Death Star.
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Darth Vader Shower

The Darth Vader shower head is a circular shower head formed like Darth Vader’s face, and when you turn it on water shoots out of his eyes like laser bars in order to scrub off you the level of quirkiness. But there are 3 diverse splash settings where water falls from his mouth or forehead also.

best Darth Vader Shower

There isn’t just a Star Wars shower head. Yet in addition a R2-D2 shower head is fabricated by a similar organization. Yet this version isn’t removable like the Darth Vader version. But it despite everything offers 3 strong splash settings which are extraordinary.

Darth Vader Shower head

The Darth Vader shower head includes a comfort control lever for speedy change of the water pressure for delicate bathers. A non-slip elastic handle for quick taking care of. A 72-inch hose to get to certain difficult to-arrive at zones, it is dark in shading with red associating clasps and measures 5 x 4 x 10.5 inches.

best Darth Vader Shower head

crying darth vader shower head

best crying darth vader shower head

crying darth vader shower head set

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