Darth Vader Holder Presents Your Pen In Coolest Fashion

We were unable to discover a pen holder that could nearly as gloriously represent the composing utensil as this … We weren’t right person. Here is the Darth Vader bowing pen holder to you! Vader gets down on one knee and presents your pen as though you were universe sovereign. Presently I simply feel guilty about having him hold a modest Bic pen. So, in the not so distant future I may need to redesign my pen game!
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Darth Vader pen Holder

The Darth Vader bowing pen holder is clearly 3D printed. He bends down in the same elegant way and presents you with your book. Their arms are held out as a matter of course with nothing in them. Simply pausing and asking to hold your writing utensil. Just spot your pen in their grasp and they will work all day every day resolutely, holding your pen secure before they need to get it once more.

best Darth Vader pen Holder

They offer a Stormtrooper helmet cup just as the bowing Vader and Stormtrooper pen holders which is additionally intended to be a desk pen/pencil holder. It’s simply their Stormtrooper ‘s head, a bigger version. Which is dug out where you can stick all your writing utensils. There’s additionally a Darth Vader head protector smart phone holder. Either the pen holder, helmet cup, or smart phone holder make for a super cool desk or blessing thought for a Star Wars fan.

Darth Vader pen Holder box

The 4.5-inch bowing Darth Vader pen holder is 3D printed with dark PLA. And could simply be the coolest pen holder any Star Wars fan could have on their desk!

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best darth vader pen holder
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