Crunch Cup Lets You Blend Cereal and Milk in Your Mouth

When we get up in the morning, we don’t generally possess energy for breakfast. Indeed, even the speediest of meals, toast, can be a battle as you attempt to finish before time runs out. You might be one of the numerous individuals who absolutely miss breakfast, those days are finished. We were unable to accept that eating your cereal in a hurry was anything but a reasonable choice, so here’s the solution and it’s magnificent. This is known as The Crunch Cup. It’s a compact cup that lets you eat milk and cereal on the go.
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Crunch Cup

The Crunch Cup has double chambers to independently store both your milk and cereal with the goal that they won’t get soaked all the while. At that point, just like a typical travel mug. You can empty the cup into your mouth, and a little cereal will come out with a little bit of milk so they blend superbly directly in your mouth!

best Crunch Cup

The Crunch Cup fits directly into any standard car cup holder so you can get cereal while driving, at the workplace. Or simply feed yourself with one hand while travelling with the children at home. Pair with the ComfyCup, you can likewise utilize it for without hands use on a train, bus or metro.

Portable Cereal Cup

The Crunch Cup accompanies three pieces, a top and two compartments that fit inside one another. Simply fill the bigger cup with milk. And your preferred cereal with the smaller cup, and spot it on the top. You would then be able to pour the in a hurry cereal and milk directly into your mouth.

best Portable Cereal Cup

Portable cereal and milk tumbler

best Portable cereal and milk tumbler

milk and cereal cup

best milk and cereal cup

Portable plastic Cereal Cup

best Portable plastic Cereal Cup

Portable plastic Cereal Cup set

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