Cozy Cup Pillow Holds Your Drinks Comfortably On Couch

In case you’re similar to me, you’re in an every day battle to locate a decent spot to situate your beverage on the couch while sitting. I may place it before me on the ottoman, yet that is not actually a level surface and frequently the side table is excessively far away relying upon where you’re on the lounge chair. That is the reason the comfortable cup cushion is such a splendid thought!
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Cup Cozy Pillow

The Cozy Pillow Cup fits essentially every type of drink counting coffee cups with handles, and it will even protect your beverage so it remains hot or cold for more. It holds drinks, yet it’s incredible to store snacks, read glasses, remotes, game controllers, and other little things as well.

best Cup Cozy Pillow

The Cup Cozy Pillow has two distinct sizes, incorporating the ordinary version with 3 cup holders, alongside a bigger “Deluxe” form that is somewhat greater and incorporates 5 cup holders. Either size is perfect for the lounge room couch, the man-cavern, the deck, the house, the RV, the recreation center and more.

Cup Cozy Pillow 3 cup holder

The drink and snack carrying lounge couch pillow is made of overly delicate material that is effectively spotless to wash when it gets messy, is fixed with froth, weighs only 12 lbs, and the smaller form estimates 15.8 inches long x 12.2 inches wide x 4.1 inches high, and the bigger version estimates 13.7 long x 13.7 inches wide x 4 inches high. Furthermore, the cushion has additionally an idea about its sideĀ  to effortlessly pull it around.

cup cozy deluxe pillow
best cup cozy deluxe pillow
cup cozy pillow
best cup cozy deluxe pillow
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