Corn Stripper Lets Remove Kernels From Corn Cobs Easily

If you need old slimey corn that was taken from their cobs months ago, you may purchase canned or bagged away corn. In any case, if you need to cook new corn kernels to use as a side or part of your dinner, perhaps this special corn stripper is for you. No, it is anything but a corn cob made into a post artist, it’s an extraordinary kitchen device that encourages you to rapidly strip the kernels of a cob of corn in not more than seconds. If it is fresh, frozen, and even fried, it works at any sort of corn cob. To utilize it, basically embed any cob of corn into the holder and press down to lock the cob onto the lower prongs. At that point line up the sharp edge unit in hardened steel with the corn cob tip. Simultaneously push down and twist with a delicate touch. Then you should cut the sharp edge which will eliminate the corn cob center too. All that is left is the corn cob parts, which you can dump in a bowl and proceed with stripping more cobs.

Corn Stripper

The RSVP deluxe corn stripper ensures everything inside a compartment that abstains from splattering, firing kernels, and furthermore cleaning up a big mess later. The corn stripper is made of solid plastic alongside a 18/8 hardened steel edge, is completely secure for dish-washing and measures 10.5 inches in breadth x 2.75 inches in height.

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