Coolest Cake Pan Lets You to Bake Pirate Ship Cakes

You sunk my ship in battleship. This coolest Cake Pan reminds me of a slice from an old Battleship. I used to have Board game. On a much bigger, and much more delicious, scale. The small piece from the game and the cake pan have almost the exact same style. The cake portrays a big ship’s top few decks and has lots of detail. From the sideboards on the hull to tiny little staircases on top deck. Although it’s called a pirate ship, it looks like it could easily be turned into any kind of ship, if you don’t put a huge pirate flag in the front.
Mini Baking Pan | Waffle Maker

Great for the pirate birthday party of a child, either at the office on International Talk Like a Pirate Day (September 19), or even for a group of intoxicated adults to eat while their booze-soaked words sound like talking like a pirate. A similar company additionally offers a range of thematic coolest cake pan. Including a castle formed cake pan, a fantasy house molded cake pan, just as a train-formed cake pan. In case you’re not a kid, they don’t deserve a cake.

The pirate ship cake pan is made of cast aluminum, has a black non-stick finish, is capable of making 1 whole cake mix, weights 1.6 lbs, and the cake pan measures 14 inches long x 6.2 inches deep x 4 inches wide.

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