Coolest Bottle Opener Handles Opening of Drinks Quickly

Ever struggle to open bottles or cans? I know that I do. I barely have any nails and sometimes fail to open soda pop, or vegetables and fruits. We get ourselves a good six pack of beer on the special occasions. Taking those tops off the bottles is a real pain. Thanks to this Coolest Bottle Opener also known as Magic Opener that should be available in every kitchen! For just about anything, it’s the go to opener. Handles opening of each type of drink with ease.
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Equipped for opening bottle’s tops in both little and huge scope, similar to 4 distinct sizes. A glass bottle top opener, a can pry bar opener and more. This is an incredible gift for seniors or the impaired. And makes it an overly basic route for joint pain patients to open all shapes and sizes containers and jars.

This Coolest Bottle Opener is shaped like a little bottle itself and features a bottle cap opener at the bottom. Two distinctive size water/soft drink bottle cap removers in the middle. Alongside a soft drink can and food can pry bar opener at the top. It is useful for opening bottles of any kind or can and can be immediately stuck back on any metal surface when not being used.

The 5-in-1 Magic Bottle Opener is yellow in color. It amazingly helps to prevent damage to fingers and nails when attempting toh open bottles or tabs. Weighing just 4 oz, and measuring 6 inches long x 1 inch thick x 1.8 inches high.


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