Comfy Multi-Level Bed Is the Best Gift For Your Pet

The pets are not just pets but members of the family. We love them so much that their presence in our lives enhances our mood and our relationships with others as well as fosters a host of physical benefits. Our bonds with our pets make them feel good too. They not only look to us for food and shelter but also for love and support. This comfy multi-level bed lets your dog sleep with you essentially still in bed. But gives them their own separate area right next to you in a comfortable, elevated bed with easy access stairs.
Pet’s Bed

This comfy multi-level bed for dog putting alongside your bed or even by a window so they can unwind with an incredible view. The dog or cat bedside bunk sits level with your sleeping mattress or might be a superior height beside your window.

The elevated dog bed with stairs is constructed from engineered wood. It supports dogs up to 60 lbs in weight, works great for both dogs or cats. A keeps them excessively comfortable on a fluffy blanket made of wool, foam, and rayon. The dog bedside bunk has adequate storage area under the dog bed. It has two stages to assist them with finding a good pace bed, and has a floor covering on each level that is comfortable on the feet, which keeps them from falling when entering or leaving the bed.

The dog bedside bunk arrives with a dog pad with a machine washable bed cover. Alignment is required upon delivery. And the entire bunk weights 44 lbs, measuring 29.5 inches x 44.25 inches long x 20 inches wide.

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