Collar Stay Punch – Old Credit Card That Makes Collar Stays

Lose your collar stays and it will resemble a clean formal shirt for the beech, not the meeting room. There’s the Collar Stay Jab, to ensure this never happens again. Like the Guitar Pick Punch before it, the Collar Stay Punch lets you assume out old praise cards, gift vouchers, or little plastic bits and punch out a couple of new-neckline stays. Simply jump out a couple, and shield the collars from twisting up like cooked bacon on your decent button shirts. Made to oblige stays that suit most collars. The Neckline Stay Punch is the answer for your out of control neck-line burdens forever.
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Collar Stay Punch

The Collar Stay Punch is worked to manufacture stays that suit the greater part of the collared shirts. It has a substantial design that will last you a lifetime of punching collar stay, and doesn’t have any cards for you to punch. So you’ll need to scavenge through your heap of unused gift vouchers to begin.

best Collar Stay Punch

The Pick Punch Neckline Stay Punch is a fun and inexpensive idea for someone wearing loads of dress shirts and want stays with a collar. We’ve come up with a great gift piece, and believe every father should have one. Well, make every dad wearing nice shirts, and have room to remain with a tie.

Pick Punch

best Pick Punch

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