Coffee Pot Mug- Enjoy More Beverage

Coffee is a great drink and helps to get fresh once you consume a cup of it. While being in home or office, for some people coffee is among the essential treat in morning and in evening. Enjoy coffee in a new style by having it poured in a mug that looks like a pot. The Cupa Joe coffee pot style mug is classic cup to enjoy a coffee. It seems as if someone is having coffee drink in a pot, more specifically it can be called mini sized coffee pot. However, it is not restricted for coffee purpose. You can enjoy beverages, soft drinks and tea also. The coffee pot mug can hold 20 ounces of any drinkable item. It has measurements marked that ranges from 8 oz to 16 oz full. This means its worth enjoying more of a drink most preferred.

coffee pot mug coffee pot

Cupa Joe mug is designed smartly and made from borosilicate glass that makes it strong and durable. It is easy to clean as well. What makes it cool is the unique coffee mug that is giant to have enough coffee, tea, juice etc. This kind of cup makes sure that your drink is enjoyed to the fullest. The miniature version of coffee pot is well used in some parts of USA. The iconic design and its unusual size become favorite pouring container. It is safe and easy to use with hand wash instructions mentioned on the packing. Perfect for office use and home use where there are lovers of coffee and shakes. Not only that, it is an ideal piece of gift which can be given to anyone among your social circles. The trendy style cup is good for enjoying drinks not only at home or offices but even outdoors or picnics. Get this stuff now !

Cupa Joe mug Cupa Joe mug

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