Cloud Shaped Toilet Paper Holder

Thinking to give a new look to your washroom? Try the Cloud Shaped Toilet Paper Holder which solves the problem to keep extra few rolls as well. Often the things people are concerned about is how to manage household items and to place things in best possible. To avoid storage problems, you can get little creative and bring a new look to your room, kitchen or toilet. The unique shaped toilet paper holder can be fixed in your washroom, can hold many tissues rolls and shelfs them perfectly.

Cloud Shaped Toilet Paper Holder wall mounted cloud shaped toilet paper holderIt is made of concrete and easy to fix. It is great space save and you can utilize the cabinets for other stuff. There are different sizes available, made from solid concrete and it comes with complete instruction about how to install on the wall. The hardware can be cleaned with a damp cloth. The overall length of toilet paper fixture is 29.13inches x 3.94inches and weighs 11lbs.Whether the day is sunny or rainy, give your bathroom wall a new look by installing a cloud on it.

unique toilet paper holderwooden cloud toilet roll holder

The design is associated with the French designer Bertrand Jayr who enjoyed making objects talk through visual puns. Based on his views, this piece of art is likely to depict the fascinating art of fluffy cumulonimbus billows. It is up to you how well you may want it to look like, it can be painted as well to give more attractive look.

cloud tissue paper holder

Typically, the tissue roll holder is ideal for mounting 8 tissue rolls. This has been designed by keeping convenience factor in mind, very simple and extremely useful. The unique toilet paper roll dispenser is a functional sculpture which holds normal rolls of tissue and make it look into something beautiful. What is fun and humorous is the toilet tissue roll holder. The shelves have ability to place rolls in the curved shelf of the cloud.

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