Classic Barrel Table Surely An Obsession for Wine Lovers

Nothing could be better than an authentic, rustic barrel. They’re stunning on their own, doing the job they were born to do. And being given new life in your home or at your party. They’re even more stunned. Plus, regardless of whether you’re a wine connoisseur or just a wine fan. This look has a story in every panel, rivet, and nail-head. So, in case you’re searching for the “Classic Barrel Table,” look no farther than the one that Wine Enthusiast has sold. This is produced using a barrel of retired oak wine and is a “rustic and welcoming bistro table.” Not just that yet it has a concealed extra space for the entirety of your booze inside.
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Features of Wine Barrel Table:

The classic barrel table as we so aptly called. It has a couple of additional features other than the secret storage area inside that genuinely make it a definitive table. Including an extended top zone that offers extra surface for resting your beverages and bites (alongside considerably more storage underneath the tabletop). A fashioned iron foot rail around the base to lay your feet on. Alongside another whisky finish that gives it a wonderful look any place it’s set.

This wine table is constructed from a pine table top designed to be at cafe-height (42 inches tall). It also features a lockable storage compartment in the barrel body with 2 levels for storing glassware, wine bottles, liquor bottles, tableware, and more.

Classic Barrel Table can be bought with or without optional antique oak barrel stools. Which were likewise made from resigned oak barrels. They are made with cushion tops points of leather and are a decent and rich fit for the table itself. If you need to go down that way. The two wine barrel stools will hinder you an extra 400 bucks.

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