Cigar Whiskey Glass – A Classic Combination For Addicts!

At a certain point in your life you thought the peanut butter and jam were the best mix on the planet. You understood when you entered adulthood that it was really whisky and a quality cigar. This unimaginable cigar whiskey glass perfectly blends an ideal combination. You will have an option to keep everything in one hand. And still have a free hand to answer to text messages, high five companions, or change the channel on the TV. This whisky glass, specifically, makes a great present for any person.
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Cigar Whiskey Glass

You will never again be tying both of your arms while smoking and drinking simultaneously. You will currently have an open arm to pull a gambling machine arm, put a couple of dollars into a stripper’s strap or flip through Cigar Aficionado ‘s pages.

best Cigar Whiskey Glass

The cigar holding whisky glass is made with a side opening that gives an agreeable little edge to your cigar to rest. So you can put it directly on your glass between the puffs. And keep your arm open for hearty hand motions. If your cigar is thick enough it can hold and grasp. The cigar even as you are taking a beverage of your alcohol.

cigar holding whisky glass

The cigar whiskey glass is created with smooth lines and gives an entirely agreeable and tasteful feel while utilizing it. The glass is made using transparent, thickening artistic material. The cigar holding whisky glass is fit for holding cigars with ring gages of under 0.8 inches, being sold independently. And estimating 4 inches tall x 3 inches broad.

best cigar holding whisky glass
whiskey glass with cigar holder
best whiskey glass with cigar holder
glass of whiskey with cigar holder
best glass of whiskey with cigar holder
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