Christmas Light Cord Illuminates When Your Phone Is Charging

It’s that time of year again when in one or another way you do has to be revolved around Christmas, whether it’s the manner in which your bathroom looks alarming like Santa Clause, the impartial Christmas cards you’ll presumably need to carry or the Christmas themed drone you need to buy just to get some activity at the next Christmas celebration you will join in. This smart phone Christmas lights charging cable will fit directly into your theme.

phone Christmas lights charging cable

The phone Christmas lights charging cable is presently just accessible as a lightning adapter for your iPhone that underpins iPhones from iPhone 5 onwards. Unfortunately, there is no Android Christmas lights charger accessible, so we must grinch it out with Android phones this year as we accuse our phones of a standard black soulless cord.

smart phone Christmas lights charging cable

The Christmas lights charging cable utilizes an ordinary USB interface, so if you need to power it utilizing a wall attachment, you would need to utilize your own wall connector, else you can plug it into your computer to charge. The festive cable is provided with 10 multi-shaded LED lights, weighs simply 1.5 lb, and is 3.8 feet long.

Christmas lights charging cable
LED Christmas Light Phone Charger Cable
Christmas light Charger Cord
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