Cereal Bowl with Milk and Cereal Separator

Milk and cereals areas an important source diet. You can take several things with milk to keep you energetic and healthy. Be it be cornflakes or cereals, now you can maintain a clear border in your bowl between milk and cereals. HOW? There is a cereal bowl with built-in separator. Now enjoy your cereals, cornflakes or oat meal just the way you want. Often its hard to eat when soggy cereal and that is why you may need this bowl.

Cereal Bowl with Milk and Cereal Separator

This is the unique and easy to use bowl that has become the favorite for cereal lovers.

Cereal Bowl set

Well known by the name OBOL, an ingenious cereal bowl that divides area between cereal and milk.

It keeps cereal dry and related on one side and on other lower side is the milk portion. Tip some cereal from upper portion to milk and enjoy every bite. The bowl carries out a smart idea to be developed as bowl that doesn’t make cereal soggy before eating. The bowl comes with a hand grip on bottom to hold it comfortably while eating. It is an awesome stuff for kids to enjoy their meals and quite handy to use while being on a table or sofa or bed. The OBOL bowl is made of BPA free plastic which comes in 2 different sizes (for kids and adults).

Cereal Bowl

It is nice way to save on money and food as soggy meal is not dumped or gone in waste.  While kids love to eat when its not soggy. Obol is the new trendy bowl that is unique due to the way it is designed and had become a super bowl for cereal lovers. The spiral slide design replaces a traditional bowl and every day kitchen sensation. Why not try the new spiral shaped separator bowl and get your cereal be served in a special way? Keeps cereal crispy bite after bite in one simple motion.

unique bowl for cereal lovers

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